Veterans Day – Honoring Our Nations Heros Past And Present

By Susila K

Monday November 11 is Veterans Day. World War I ended officially on November 11, 1918 and it was called Armistice Day to remember “The Great War”.

Many of us know a family member, friend, or know of someone that served our Nation. Even if you don’t know someone, Pause, take a moment during your busy day to remember our Nation’s Veteran/ Heros past and present.

Both of my Grandfathers fought in World War I and came home to build their lives and families in Chicago where my parents where raised.

Going back further: My Great Great Grandfather John Augustine Smith 1832-1904, a US Naval Academy graduate fought in the Civil War and was a POW for two years.

and Even further back My Great Great Great Great Grandfather Thomas Roberts 1730-1811, a corporal in the Virginia 15th regiment that fought in the Revolutionary War.

We all benefit from the many sacrifies that our Veteran Heroes have made. THANK YOU

Pictured below is 1st Lt Walter B Roberts of the US Expeditionary Force and my Grandmere, Marie Louise Arnoud on their wedding day in Villiers En Lieu, France 1919.



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