Too Hot ?

By David

Improve the cooling in your home during this latest heat wave with these 3 easy cooling tips

1 Set the fan mode on your thermostat to the ‘On’ position.

This keeps the air moving and helps improve overall comfort by stirring the air and reducing cold and hot pockets of air. Keeping the fan on also increases air filtration, which helps to improve your home’s air quality. Unless your home is unoccupied for an extended period, keep the fan in the ‘On’ position during hot weather spells.

2 Change all your air conditioner / furnace unit or return air filters.

Changing those often-overlooked air filters will improve the home’s air flow and increase heating efficiency. You and your family may even breathe easier, with less sneezing.

3 Keep duct registers and interior room doors open.

When multiple registers or interior room doors are closed it’s like having a clogged bath tub drain. Conditioned air can’t flow properly, even though it’s being forced to move by the system. This causes excessive wear and tear on the system. Try to keep all registers open, even a little.

MORE : Ask your trusted home care professional for more ways to improve your cooling comfort and efficiency.




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