Say No to Remodeling Stress

By David

4 Ways We Help our Clients Thrive Through Remodeling


Picture it. You’re staring at that dated kitchen and playroom that are about to be remodeled. How exciting! You’ve worked with the design team to carefully develop your vision into a buildable project. You have made all of the decisions and product selections for the project. You are comfortable that the project will be within your budget.

Now it’s time to move from the fun and delightful design phase into the reality of the construction phase and all the stress that it can bring. In your home! While you live there!

We understand the uneasiness that comes crashing to the surface when our wonderful clients welcome us into their homes to bring their projects to life. Experience has given us the opportunity to develop several best practices that we implement whenever we have clients who are staying in their homes during a construction project and the fears they share with us about the pending uncertainty.

There are 4 areas that we focus on with our clients to give them as much peace-of-mind as we can during a lengthy construction process.

1. Communication

Speaking of length, has the duration of the project been discussed and formally mapped out? Setting realistic expectations with our wonderful clients is imperative during any construction project. Be honest about timelines and acknowledge that unexpected events will occur and be prepared to adapt to them as they arise.

The means of communication is also critical. Does our client prefer texting or face-to-face meetings? How often? What time of day is best for them? “We need to shut down the water for a few hours. What time would be most convenient for you?

2. Control

When we are invited into our wonderful clients’ homes to work on their projects, our core philosophy is to remember that---that this is not our home. It’s their home and we are obligated to disrupt their lives as little as possible. Allow the family to maintain control of their routine. Treat the home and family members with respect!

What are the house rules (parking, pets, hours of work, naptimes, music, allergies)? What is important to them (personal space, quiet times, weekends)?


3. Security

Beyond keeping the clients’ lives and routines intact as much as possible, keeping the property safe and secure can’t be understated. A Logistics Plan is developed and reviewed with the client before the work starts. This plan clearly identifies where material is safely stored, where construction and dust barriers are located to keep the living areas safely separate from the work areas, where our build-team accesses the work areas, and how existing areas of the home are protected.

Communication is critical in developing this plan, as well, so that building materials aren’t piled across a favorite planting bed or in front of an outdoor patio or barbecue.

4. Trust

The keystone of a successful project is trust. Honest communication with good news or bad is, of course, part of it. Less obvious is the trust needed from our clients to allow strangers into their homes when our clients may not be there. Knowing the tradesmen, when they are coming (and when they are not), and having trust that they are keeping the property secure will allow the homeowners’ minds to be on more important things. Remember: they are inviting us into their home. We must treat it as the treasure it is.


We Understand

A construction project can be very emotional. Now take the spaces where your children sleep and play, where you cook your meals and relax after a long workday and turn them into a construction site!

The construction phase is the culmination of a lot of people doing a lot of work together to develop a vision that is exciting for everyone---but none more than the family. For them there is excitement, fear, anxiety, and anticipation. For us, a primary goal is to lessen the inevitable stresses that our clients undergo during this period. By managing the construction through our focus on the 4 topics above and understanding our clients’ needs throughout the construction phase, we can give them the outcome everyone desires—the gift of anticipation!

by Roberts Design Build Team, Evanston, IL


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