Felines Inc Wins For A Great Cause

By Susila K

Our Open House featured some really great raffle prizes, but this big prize was no give away. To win the “2 MEN and a TRUCK” prize our guests had to find all of Dave’s toy cement trucks scattered around the office, add up the total, and submit the correct number of trucks to win.

(The correct answer was 40, but please keep this a secret, so we can do it again at our 30th Anniversary party in 2012)

Our clients and friends Abby and Kelly from Felines inc made it their mission to win this prize because it would benefit their cause as they double the size of the Felines inc so they can better serve the cats and now dogs that need this no kill shelter in Chicago.

We’re so happy they won. Want to find out more about helping with Feline’s mission ?


Winners of the coveted "2 Men and Truck" prize, Kelly and Abby describe how the prize helps towards the goal of expanding the building and the mission of Felines inc, a no kill cat and dog shelter.


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